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Company Strategy

The strategy should identify:

  • where a company will grow,
  • how a company will grow,
  • the management and resources to grow,
  • keeping new opportunities in sight.


Business Development

For effective growth, efforts must focus on the company strategy:

  • geographic alignment,
  • core and growth areas,
  • competencies and resources,
  • economic criteria and targets, and
  • delivery of value in the right timeframe.
ATenergy oil and gas consultants, offshore drilling

Asset Management

Assets need to be managed efficiently and effectively to maximise value, i.e. understand and keep control of joint ventures to ensure the assets progress smoothly towards creating wealth for the company, shareholders and other stakeholders, either the asset value itself or through production.

The asset portfolio needs to be balanced and in-line with the strategy, it is vital to liaise with partners to be aligned with company plans and ensure the operator is working in the best interests of the group.

ATenergy oil and gas consultants, gas processing
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