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Policy Statement

We seek to add value through the provision of a high quality service utilising the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.

We conduct our business with the proper regard and care for the environment and for our safety and the safety of those around us.

Company Background

ATenergy was founded in 1998 as an exploration and production management and consulting company working with the management and technical skills of highly experienced professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry. We specialise in E&P business development, investment and opportunity assessments and valuations, exploration, resource management and technical studies with a focus towards the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa and Europe/North Sea.


ATenergy is managed by Alan Taylor, an upstream professional of over 30 years industry experience with major companies including Phillips Petroleum, Total, Hamilton Oil and BHP Petroleum.

Alan’s experience spans exploration, field appraisal and development and commercial work in the North Sea and Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and West Africa. Before establishing ATenergy, he held various oil company managerial positions (Chief Geologist, Exploration Manager, Country General Manager, Project Manager) and has been responsible for seismic and drilling operations, contract negotiations, project management, asset management and company representation. Alan has worked on many major projects including multi-billion barrel oil field development opportunities in Iraq. Alan continues to work as an advisor to international oil companies, overseeing technical and commercial studies and in a managerial role as an asset manager supervising E&P administrative processes such as JOAs, budgeting, farmouts & acquisitions and JV meetings.

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